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Cool Mailer may be produced with various dimension and material combinations according to your unique needs.


Frozen products, dairy products, delicatessen products, chocolate


Online sales distribution

Medicine and Medical

Medicine, vaccine, serum, blood and alike medical material transportation

In packaging, storing and distribution of all heat sensitive products.


  • Provides heat protection in your short term carriages.
  • Liquid proof and puncture resistant.
  • Flexible and light structure.
  • Provides place advantage in your storage by virtue of its foldable and nestable structure.
  • In addition to standard measures and designs, it may be produced in desired forms and printing options.
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Thermal Insulation Performance Test (30°C)

Coolmailer Termal Yalıtım Performansı Testi

Test Results

Coolmailer Test Sonuçları


As a result of 21 hours of measurements made under conditions where outer environment temperature is averagely 31,2 °C, inner environment temperature of Cool Mailer has been observed to be 21 °C lower than outer environment temperature.

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